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Photobooth Raya: Turn Dull Moment Into Unforgettable Moments This Hari Raya

Celebrating Raya has always been about food and being together. Immortalize that memory with your own photobooth Raya.

Out of other things you can do during Raya, this is by far, the best.

Because celebrating Raya is not just about that. It should be fun being around people that you love. 

Now here’s a few reasons why you should have a photobooth Raya.

“Should I DIY it?”

We all have been there before; planning a Rumah Terbuka requires a lot of calculations and patience. From food that you or catering prepared to, your decorations. You want to make everything perfect. 

Some may opt for DIY photobooths to save money. But often will forget the decorations and props to make the photobooth unique.

How can you not forget, preparing for an event is a big thing. And photobooth is one thing easy to forget.

Here is a solution:

Hire a professional photo booth to make things easier for you.

A professional photobooth will know what to do with your situation. Like how you would trust a good cook to cook for your rendang, trust us for a good photobooth.

Photobooth Raya With Glambox Studio

You don’t need to worry about your background setting, just tell us where you want us to be, we will handle it from there.

Glambox Studio has props that can make your photobooth Raya amazingly different, and high quality 2R Strip Photo.

Our packages come with free photo layout design.

Read this article until the end to know our special package.

“Hi, excuse me, can you take a photo of us?”

Taking selfies is fun, but sometimes you just need somebody to take the photos for you. Skip the awkwardness of asking strangers to take photos for you and your friends.

With a professional photobooth, you can have someone to take photos for you. A standby photographer, anytime you want, anytime you need.

Worry of your poses? With the props from us, you can make your photos be more fun and wonderful.

Need to have your pictures with a magical setting? Look no further as our professionals know what to do with your photos.

“Hey, where is that photo that we took a year ago?”

Has anyone been in a situation where you have your photos in your friend’s camera, you asked for it but you both forgot about it? That is what you can avoid with photobooth.

When it comes to pictures, people want it fast. Why? So that you can upload it instantly on your Instagram or Facebook.

Keep your pictures up to date with our photobooth because we will print your photos on the spot – in less than 20 seconds.

Don’t worry about the quality of the pictures, because the DSLR camera gives sharper and brighter pictures. 

You don’t have to face dull moments because you can get your pictures before you can finish saying “photobooth”, and laugh together at your own pictures with your group of friends.

With a hardcopy of your photos, you can immortalize it and put it in your photo album, where the risk of misplacing it like the folders in your phones will never happen.

Make your Photobooth Raya a spotlight with GlamBox Photobooth

Here is what you need to know about our packages:

General(Suitable for event launching/birthday party/Small party)VIP(Suitable for event launching/birthday party/gathering)VVIP(Suitable for Wedding/graduation/Annual Dinner)
High Quality 2R strip photo (2×6 inch)High Quality 2R strip photo (2×6 inch)High Quality 2R strip photo (2×6 inch)
2 hours Unlimited Printing3 hours Unlimited Printing4 hours Unlimited Printing
Prop that suit the eventProp that suit the eventProp that suit the event
Sequin backdropSequin backdropSequin backdrop
Soft copySoft copySoft copy
2 Assisting crew2 Assisting crew2 Assisting crew
Promo price RM699
Normal price RM1199
Promo price RM1000
Normal price RM1400
Promo price RM1099
Normal price RM1599

If you want to see our happy customers, check out our Facebook and Instagram.

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